Monday, January 19, 2009


Because five of my friends on Facebook had done so (including my sister), I also joined the fan page for Captain CB Sullenberger, the pilot who successfully brought down his damaged airliner into the Hudson with no loss of life.

When I joined the group, there were about 249,000 people already members. I just checked now, less than 24 hours after I joined and there are more than 352,000!

In the message boards, there are suggestions for who should play "Sully" in the inevitable movie. I think this will be a great TV movie and there were two suggestions in casting that I liked:

JK Simmons and William H. Macy.

We'll have to see who eventually scrambles to get the rights to his story and that of the rest of his heroic crew. But if it is made for television rather than for the cinema, it'll be a great addition for Toobworld!


Toby O'B

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