Thursday, December 18, 2008


While doing research on 'That's Life' (the one from 2000) for today's TWD about New Jersey Day, I found this line of dialogue from the show:

"What, you let him live in your place
And now we're Laverne and Shirley
Jackie O'Grady
'That's Life'

I've got no problem with this Zonk. For the audience viewing at home? Sure, it's a reference to the TV show. They're "hearing" the quotation marks around the title in their heads.

But in Toobworld, Jackie was referring to two women who are known to both her and to her friend, Lydia DeLucca. For alls I know, maybe that Shirley and Laverne are elderly lesbians, and Jackie was worried about getting that reputation as well.

No matter who they were, that Laverne and Shirley were living in New Jersey and not in Milwaukee.

Toby O'B

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