Thursday, December 18, 2008


December 18 is New Jersey Day!

New Jersey Day is a celebration to commemorate the admission of New Jersey to the union. On this date in 1787 New Jersey became the third state of the United States. Celebration includes wearing clothes or accessories which celebrate the state, such as "I <3>

I'm a New Yorker, although in my heart? I'm still in Connecticut. But I have many friends who live in New Jersey, and I love them anyway. (Sorry about that, Chief!)

So, in keeping with the "holiday", - and with thanks to TV Acres (link to the left) - here's a list of TV shows that are situated in the "Garden State":

Annie McGuire/CBS/1988 Bayonne

Big Shamus, Little Shamus/CBS/1979 Atlantic City

Charles In Charge/CBS/1984-85/SYN/1987-90 New Brunswick

Day By Day/NBC/1988-89 Suburbs Near New York City

Down The Shore/FOX/1992-93 Belmar Beach

Dream Street/NBC/1989 Hoboken

Good & Evil/ABC/1991 Weehawken

Hi Honey, I'm Home/ABC/1991 Suburbs

House (House M.D.)/FOX/2004+ Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital

Hudson Street/ABC/1995-96 Hoboken

Joe & Sons/CBS/1975-76 Hoboken

Live-In/CBS/1989 Suburbs Near New York City

Makin' It/ABC/1979 Pasaic

Matt Waters/CBS/1996 Bayonne

Music at the Meadowbrook/ABC/1953-56 Cedar Grove

No Soap, Radio/ABC/1982 Atlantic City

One of the Boys/NBC/1982 Sheffield College

Point Pleasant/FOX/2005+ Point Pleasant

Roomies/NBC/1987 Saginaw University

Sibs/ABC/1991 Weehawken

The Sopranos/HBO/1999+. Suburbs (Montclair?)

Stand By Your Man/FOX/1992 Franklin Heights

The Street/SYN/1988 Newark

Toma/ABC/1973-74 Newark

We'll Get By/CBS/1975 Suburbs near New York City

What a Dummy/SYN/1990-91 Secaucus

Wiseguy/CBS/1987-90 Atlantic City

Plus there's 'That's Life', which took place near Montclair University. (From CBS/2000-01)

Toby O'B

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