Thursday, December 18, 2008


My Iddiot brethren Eliot (with his Harveyesque partner Dr. Philately) sent me an email hallooing the news about that the Postal Service had unveiled its line of stamps celebrating "Early TV Memories". An hour later, my brother Bill also got his stamp magazine and sent me a similar email.
Here are the honorees in next year's issues:

'Texaco Star Theater' hosted by Milton Berle, aka "Mr. Television"

'I Love Lucy' - with Ethel Mertz and Lucy Ricardo in the chocolate factory

'The Red Skelton Show' with Red as Freddie The Freeloader

'The Howdy Doody Show'

'Dragnet' - with Sgt. Jack Webb


'Hopalong Cassidy', with his horse Topper

'You Bet Your Life' - with the one, the only, Groucho

'The Dinah Shore Show'

'The Ed Sullivan Show'

'Kukla, Fran, and Ollie'

'The Phil Silvers Show' aka 'You'll Never Get Rich' and simply 'Bilko'

'The Lone Ranger' shown with his horse Silver

'Perry Mason', squaring off against DA Hamilton Burger

'Alfred Hitchcock Presents'

'Burns And Allen' with George and Gracie

'Ozzie And Harriet' Nelson, playing themselves

'The Tonight Show' with host Steve Allen

'The Twilight Zone' with Rod Serling, creator and host

'The Honeymooners' with Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton

My only quibble with these choices would be the lack of Tonto in the picture of 'The Lone Ranger'. You watch - there'll be some outcry over that as being politically incorrect. It would have been nice to see Burr Tillstrom recognized for his puppetry genius, but at least we can pay attention to the man behind the curtain through Kukla and Ollie.

Toby O'B

"The Post Office announced today that it is going to issue a stamp
commemorating prostitution in the United States.
It's a ten-cent stamp,
but if you want to lick it, it's a quarter
Chevy Chase
"Weekend News Update"
'Saturday Night Live'


Leslie Evans said...

I agree with you about Burr Tillstrom, Toby, but I'm just happy to see that Kukla, Fran and Ollie was NOT overlooked this time! Thanks for the photo of the new stamps.

Toby said...

Thanks for visiting, Leslie!

remlap said...

Thanks as a huge fan of both The Phil Silvers Show and Dragnet I will have to try and find away to get these into the UK.


Anonymous said...

Only the men from the Honeymooners? Why not Alice and Trixy? I'm glad to see Sgt. Joe Friday tho...will be buying a lot of those...