Sunday, December 14, 2008


AOL had one of those time-waster quizzes today, this time one that was a bit morbid - trying to guess if a celebrity was dead or alive. I got a perfect score, but I will admit I guessed on Ruby Dee, Lena Horne, and Julie Harris. But I guessed right each time, thinking that if they had passed away I would have noticed during my Hat Squad news searches for the blog.

However, whoever put together that quiz really screwed up with one answer. Oh, Polly Bergen is still alive, but she was given credit for two different achievements for which she has no connection:

The late Frances Bergen had those honors.

I wonder if anybody's going to bring it to the attention of Candice Bergen?

Or to Charlie McCarthy?

Toby O'B
"Is that what you want to be?
A quizzzzz-master?"
Lou Grant
'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'

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