Thursday, December 11, 2008


My buddy Mark sent me a link to a New York Times science story by Dennis Overbye that begins:

"Is this the dark side speaking?

A concatenation of puzzling results from an alphabet soup of satellites and experiments has led a growing number of astronomers and physicists to suspect that they are getting signals from a shadow universe of dark matter that makes up a quarter of creation but has eluded direct detection until now."

Mark then provided more information... information... information on the subject.

But everybody who watches TV on a regular basis, especially science fiction programs, already knows about the anti-matter universe. As described at Memory Alpha, a wiki for 'Star Trek':

The antimatter universe is the anti-matter opposite of the familiar "positive matter" universe, where black stars shine in a white void where time flows backwards. It is the home of anti-Lazarus, a man whose civilization created a negative magnetic corridor to connect the two universes. (TOS: "The Alternative Factor")

Anti-Lazarus isn't the only resident in the anti-matter universe. Back in 10,000,000 BC, an engineer from Gallifrey caused a super-nova to supply the power needed for time travel technology on his homeworld. The resultant explosion appeared to have killed him, but instead he was pulled into the anti-matter universe where he remained a prisoner for millions of years (taking the name "Omega").
Omega sought revenge against his fellow Gallifreyans whom he thought had abandoned him there in the anti-matter universe. But the Time Lord known as the Doctor advised two later incarnations of himself in order to defeat the renegade.

Thanks, Mark!

Toby O'B

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