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Sorry I'm late with the daily Tiddlywinkydink. I was in transit for part of the day to get back to Toobworld Central, and then I had to spend a few hours making nice with my cat Sand to make up for leaving him alone for a few days.

Today, in Sweden and Finland, is Anna's Day. I don't know how it started, and I'm too tired to go look it up. (Now THAT'S lazy!) But on this day we're supposed to acknowledge everyone named Anna. And in doing so, it also marks the day to begin the preparation of the Christmas lutefisk.

That's one of those foods, like Bulger's Wheat Germ, that I won't eat just based on the name. I don't even know what it is - I'm assuming it's fish - but it'll never pass my lips because of that name.


I'm joining in with the Anna's Day celebrations with a list of a few Toobworld Annas. O'Bviously there was no way I'd get them all, not even those who were regular characters on major TV series. I used the character search at imdb.com and only got through the "F" names of actresses, and that was over a 1000 names!

And these are not just Annas from American TV shows. Since this is an international celebration, you'll see that most of these women are from shows from around the world.

Anna Conroy - 'Slings & Arrows'

Dr. Anna Del Amico - 'ER'

Anna Winterson - 'Sweet Medicine'

Anna Ward - 'Rock Follies of '77'

Anna DeSouza - 'Emmerdale Farm'

Mrs. Anna Madrigal - 'Tales Of The City'

Anna Miller - 'Lost Room'

Anna Sophia Antonia Garces-Keller - 'Family Biz'

Anna Maria Verdugo - 'Zorro'

Sheriff Anna Turner - 'The Dead Zone'

Anna Schick - 'The Young & The Restless'

Anna Chancellor - 'Cold Lazarus' & 'Karaoke'

Anna Fairley - 'Reckless'

Anna Stern - 'The O.C.'

Anna Dodwell - 'Pacific Drive'

Anna Daptor - 'KYTV'

Anna Krakauer - 'Love Of Life'

Anna Nardini - 'Gilmore Girls'

Anna Owens - 'Anna And The King'

Anna Pegram - 'Fox'

Anna Kirkwell - 'Where The Heart Is'

Anna Denton - 'CrashBurn'

Anna Williams Bedford - 'The Chase'

Anna Wolek Craig - 'One Life To Live'

Anna Jacobs - 'Models, Inc.'

Anna Crozier - 'A Wing And A Prayer'

Anna Brigmore - 'The Mallens'

Anna Lacey - 'Noah's Ark'

Anna Tellwright - 'Anna Of The Five Towns'

Anna Taggaro - 'One Tree Hill'

Anna Gripenhielm - 'Nya tider'

Anna Wiegel - 'Unter uns'

Anna Krogh Moller - 'Sommer'

Anna Andersson - 'Sunes Jul'

Anna Polonskaya - 'Svakha'

Anna Mohlin - 'Hem Till byn'

Anna Taratsa - 'Ola stm taratsa'

Princess Anna Bilinska - 'Slawa i Chepla'

Anna Jensen - 'Zwei manner am Herd'

Anna Akerblom Bergman - Den Goda Viljan
[She may be a candidate for the TV Crossover Hall Of Fame!]

Anna Engberg - 'Hook'

Anna Merthin - 'Unter Den Linden - Das Haus Gravenhorst'

Anna Bochenek - 'Na Dobre I Na Zle'

Anna Bol - 'Oppassen'

Anna Danesi - 'Incantesimo'

And the following shows had regular characters by the name of Anna, but no last name was listed at the imdb.com:

'Groupe flag'
'Neprata cena'
'Die Kleine Vampir'

In the Tooniverse, there's Anna Watson of 'Spiderman', and among the reality superstars, of course there is the late Anna Nicole Smith.

So as you can see, with just these names culled from thousands up the letter "F", it's little wonder I didn't get much farther.

But that just means I have something to work with next December 9th!

Toby O'B

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Anonymous said...

If you are doing this again next year, I'll give you a pass for skipping Anna Wu on 'Chuck'