Friday, December 12, 2008


One last Fanficcer's Friend for the year, and I think with this one I may be done with the monthly experiment. I may do one occasionally, if I find a movie picture or some photo of TV actors outside of the medium that serves to inspire me. (And actually, I do have one for my annual "Who's On First" salute!)

But I had fun with the project, unlike my experiences with the Hat Squad (of course!), even though I would often feel guilty for giving ideas to the writers of fan fiction. I always expected to be castigated by those who hate the story form.

I'm not writing the fanfic myself, just offering up a picture that could inspire someone to write their own story based on it. The pictures never come from TV - those are set in stone as to what they're about. But when actors from two different TV shows team up (or work against each other) in a movie, I like to get a frame grab of that moment and then claim that they're appearing as their TV character.

This month, with the air full of holiday cheer and song, I decided against using a movie picture and instead chose a picture of someone who symbolizes the song in our hearts at Christmas time.

Tom Waits.

Okay, maybe not.

But still, what a cool picture, right? (At least I'm pretty sure it's Tom Waits......)

Think of him appearing on TV in some show as himself, but his televersion is caught up in some kind of supernatural mumbo-jumbo.

And speaking of 'Supernatural', there's one possibility. Perhaps Dean and Sam Winchester have to come to the aid of Tom Waits when he's possessed by a vengeful spirit.

Or you could use the characters from the following shows, maybe even mix and match them!

'The X-Files'
'Kolchak: The Night Stalker'
'Eleventh Hour' (Waits' dilemma could be more scientific than science fiction!)

Well, it's up to you. Use the picture in your horror/fantasy/sci-fi fanfic as you see fit.

Ho ho ho!

Toby O'B

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powzie said...

I only fanfic one universe or I would try it - but Jim immediately said, "That needs to be in Life on Mars!"