Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The previous post about 'Leverage' doesn't mean that they can't Zonk with the best of them. During the debut episode, there were major references to both 'Star Trek' and "Star Wars" (which does have a Toobworld presence).

'Star Trek' - While posing as an IT tech/nerd, Eliot Spencer chatted up the mark's secretary and the subject of Klingon costumes at sci-fi conventions came up.

"Star Wars" - In the flashback which introduced Alec Hardison, the computer geek was found using a hotel room under Mick Jagger's name. Inside, he was being... pampered by three babes dressed in Princess Leia chain-mail bikinis. Once discovered by the management and hotel security, Hardison tried to wave them off with a Jedi mind-trick.

Even though both 'Star Trek' and "Star Wars" have been established in the main Toobworld, TV characters from the past (per the 'Star Trek' perspective) and from the future ("Star Wars" did take place "a long time ago") frequently mention them both. And the reason why this is not a Zonk is similar in both cases.

For 'Star Trek', somebody from the future came back in Time to give the televersion of Gene Roddenberry all of the information... information... information about Starfleet so that the "Great Bird Of The Galaxy" would then create a TV empire based on that knowledge. The reasons why this was done are unknown - perhaps the mysterious visitor was trying to alter the future. Or it could be that he was trying to ensure that the way was paved for that future to happen.

As for "Star Wars", various characters from that galaxy far, far away have come forward in Time to eke out new lives for themselves in Toobworld. While Luke, C-3PO, and R2-D2 could have arrived after the events of the last movie, Darth Vader's presence on Toobworld could cause serious damage to the established reality if he doesn't return. (His appearances on Earth Prime-Time probably take place between "Star Wars: A New Hope" and "The Empire Strikes Back".)
Yes, I'm a geek. Deal with it.

Anyhoo, the televersion of George Lucas (who appeared in an episode of 'The O.C.'!) must have learned about the history of the Empire and created his own empire based on it.

So, in both cases, no Zonks!

Toby O'B

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