Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Sometimes it takes me awhile to track down a decent picture for a particular topic here at the Inner Toob. But I'm a patient fellow; I went many years without any pictures at all. Probably not the best thing for a blog about such a visual medium as Television, but there you are.

In January of this year, actor Kevin Stoney passed away at the age of 86. He is perhaps best known in TV for his roles in 'Doctor Who' and 'The Prisoner', both of which were easy enough to find pictorial evidence. But he also came quite close to capturing a berth in the TV Crossover Hall of Fame for two different productions, nearly ten years apart.

In episodes of 'The Caesars' in 1968 and in 'I, Claudius' from 1976, Stoney appeared as the oracle Thrasyllus, advisor to Tiberius while in exile. I'm not sure if I'll ever track down a copy of the earlier mini-series, but I borrowed my brother's copy of the 'I, Claudius' boxed set while I was last home in Connecticut. Although it was in order to get a few frame grabs of Kevin Stoney, it had been too long since I last saw this series. So I've started watching it again tonight.
So here's a picture of the late Mr. Stoney as Thrasyllus. Had he only played the role one other time in some other Roman epic, Thrasyllus might have been a contender for inclusion in the TV Crossover Hall Of Fame.

Toby OB

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