Friday, April 18, 2008

CROSSING AT 11th....

They waited until the season finale of 'New Amsterdam' (which may also be the series finale), but the producers threw a bone to ol' Toobworld by providing a link to another series.

Although they might not have realized it.

Near the end of the episode "Love Hurts", Detective John Amsterdam stormed out of the stormed out of New York's 11th Precinct where he worked. He was closely followed out by a suspect, Inga Skolls.

There must be something about the place that draws in those cops with a touch of the supernatural about them, because that's also the same precinct where Detective Sara Pezzini
worked, as seen in the series premiere of 'Witchblade'.

John Amsterdam joined the force soon after 9/11/2001, which was established in the episode "Reclassified". The last episode of 'Witchblade' aired in August of 2002. So there's a possibility that their paths have crossed at the 11th, but they may have been on different shifts. And "Pezz" may have left the NYPD before then. (I never did stay with the series until its end....)

Still, it does give the fanfic folks something to work with. (I know, I know, I shouldn't be encouraging them, but they look so cute when you give them scraps.)

An interesting side note: Nestor Serrano had roles on both series. In 'Witchblade', he was Captain Dante, at odds with Detective Pezzini. (Perhaps with a bloodline connection to the supernatural doings at 'Dante's Cove'?) And he was the legendary ex-cop Eddie Marquez, estranged father of Amsterdam's partner, Eva Marquez.

So if that's the series' legacy, not a bad way to end all in all.....

Toby OB

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Anonymous said...

New Amsterdam has anouther connection with Toobworld morley cigarettes appeared in the episode Love Hurts

The 11th precinct was also the seting of anouther cop show another cop show Big Apple, it was also mentioned on the Brimstone episode slayer, which could valadate your theory on supernatural cops

all these connectiones and more can be seen on my list of shows now up to 333 thanks to you