Thursday, April 17, 2008


A few weeks ago, 'Guiding Light' changed the way they tape the soap opera, and in doing so, changed its very look. There's an immediacy to the scenes and some kind of video verite in effect because of the use of hand-held cameras and more location shooting (mostly in Peapak, New Jersey).

As a result, a lot of die-hard fans of 'Guiding Light' have been complaining about the new look, and the ratings haven't yet displayed the upwards bump the producers were hoping the experiment would create.
Not that it matters to Toobworld, of course. No matter what type of image ultimately ends up on the screen, it's still a broadcast from that alternate dimension; it is NOT a new TV world. The same holds true for colorization of old TV shows (as seen with this test frame from an 'I Love Lucy' episode) - it's a given that Toobworld should have always been in color, we just never had the chance to see it. Otherwise we'd have to say that once 'The Andy Griffith Show' began broadcasting in color, it had to be an alternate version from some other dimension.

(When it comes to the Turnerizer of 'Hi Honey, I'm Home'... okay, well, that's an alternate TV dimension!)

When are these pain pills going to take effect, anyway......?

Toby OB

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