Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Right at the beginning of "The Karachi Story", private eye Michael Lanyard (AKA 'The Lone Wolf') said that "The flying time from New York to Karachi is approximately 40 hours."

That was back in 1954. Today the flight duration could be anywhere from just over 16 hours to over 51 hours - at least based on a website I just checked out....

But here's the thing - when Lanyard flew to Karachi, it took him even longer than 40 hours because of flight problems which kept him bogged down in New Delhi.

I'm not the greatest with maps, but if you were flying to Pakistan, wouldn't you be flying East to save time? And if so, wouldn't the plane - which probably had to refuel at least in England - be closer to Karachi than to New Delhi if it developed problems?
Maybe there was some angle to the approach route that kept the plane farther north for a time (due to which countries they were going to be flying over?). Or maybe the flight headed west from New York, across the United States and then down across the Pacific. (Which might splain why some flights even today seem to take 51 hours!)

At any rate, just another bit o' trivia from an old show that I didn't let slip past me.....

Toby OB

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