Wednesday, April 16, 2008


In Toobworld, we know bugs can talk. It's a given over in the Tooniverse - Atom Ant, Fearless Fly, those Raid commercials..... But even in the live-action dimension of Earth Prime-Time, insects and other creepy crawlies have been known to speak up.

But when that termite turns out to be about six feet tall and knows how to drive a get-away car, you have to figure there's more going on in these shots from the latest commercial for Orkin:

You've got to give the guy credit though - he keeps his head in a crisis and doesn't scream like a little girlie-man upon seeng a six-foot-tall termite on his doorstep, asking to use the phone!

This particular pest is probably the lead scout for some invading army of insectivorids on Earth. Maybe it's connected to the Wirm of "The Ark In Space", or the Menoptera and the Zarbi of "The Web Planet" on 'Doctor Who' or those Martian buggies of 'Quatermass'. But no matter where it's from, luckily the Orkin Man was ready to take on that giant termite.
My friends Gene and Ivy aren't so fortunate - they've got thirty holes along each wall in the baseboard as their building's owner fights the real thing. They should have been so lucky to face off against a much larger [and therefore easier to kill] termite like the one in the Orkin blipvert.

Toby OB

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