Wednesday, April 2, 2008


After two years, the headstone on my mother's grave was finally taken down so that an error made by the engraver could be fixed.

Originally it was chiseled to read that she died on May 22nd, 2006, when in actuality she passed away on March 22nd. If we had left it that way, people who had been to the funeral would have thought we put her in the ground two months early! (Which would not be surprising - my family can be that thick and I do have a... morbid repuation....)

Mom was the biggest fan of the soap opera 'The Young & The Restless'. In the last years, she'd be hard-pressed to tell you what was happening in Genoa City, but she'd be damned if she was going to miss an episode, no matter what. (One of the best gifts I ever got her was a framed and autographed photograph of Peter Bergman, who plays Jack Abbott on 'Y&R'. And through our mutual friend, it was nice to hear how much it meant to him that she was such a fan.)

Anyhoo, the stone will now be fixed to read "Mar 22" rather than "May 22". As my brother said in his email about it:

"They are pulling the stone off its pedestal this week and taking it into the shop to fix Mom,s date of death. It will be noticeable but it's better than having [the] wrong month on there. (That Y will become an R - hey! Y+R! Get it?) -b"

Just thought I'd share; not really comfortable with the idea of the blog being used for personal stuff too, unless it had a TV connection like this....

Toby OB

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