Tuesday, April 1, 2008


From Wikipedia:

Slash fiction is a genre of story that focuses on the depiction of romantic, and sometimes sexual, relationships between two or more male characters, who are not necessarily engaged in relationships in the canon universe. While the term originally was restricted to fan fiction in which one or more male media characters were involved in an explicit adult relationship as a primary plot element, it is currently more generally used to refer to any pairing between male characters. The term is also sometimes applied to fiction focusing on relationships between female characters; however, some fans distinguish femslash as a separate genre.

The name arises from the use of the slash symbol (/) in the description of the primary pairing involved in the story, as compared to the ampersand (&) conventionally used for friendship fiction.

I mention that because of the news this morning that Bonino Bianculli, the creator of the Italian 'Lou Grant' slash fanfic website, was brought before The Hague on international charges of crimes against humanity.
Toby 0B

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Excellent job Toby!
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