Wednesday, April 2, 2008


For this month's edition of the Fanficcer's Friend, we've got a picture of a couple of witches from 'Bewitched', Aunt Clara (as played by Marion Lorne) and Esmerelda (played by Alice Ghostley).
But here's the thing - they never appeared in 'Bewitched' together!

After Marion Lorne left the sitcom, her role of a slightly klutzy witch, whose magic was somewhat ineffective, was revamped instead of just recasting the part entirely. And as such, it gave the producers the chance to remake entire episodes of 'Bewitched' to tell the same stories again, but this time with Esmerelda instead of Aunt Clara.

The best example of this would be the episodes "Aunt Clara's Old Flame" from the second season of 'Bewitched' and from the seventh episode, "Samantha's Magic Mirror". In both, the witches needed Samantha's help to hide the fact about their malfunctioning magic from their old warlock boyfriends. (For Aunt Clara, that boyfriend was played by the great Charlie Ruggles; Tom Bosley had the honor for Esmerelda.)

As it turned out, both of the boyfriends also had problems with their magical abilities as well, so they all had something in common.

So this picture could never be from 'Bewitched', but it could be used to illustrate a story in which both Clara and Esmerelda appeared.

Where does it come from? Well, this is a scene from "The Graduate"!

Toby OB

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