Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I can't tell you how much fun it was to do the April Fool's posts yesterday. I would have been happy just to do the Smoke Monster interview and leave it at that. But since the beginning of the year I've been posting a daily Tiddlywinkydinks, so I had to have one of those so as not to arouse suspicions. (As if!) And I figured I might as well post eight of them since on average, I do tend to post a lot here at Inner Toob.

With those first seven, they were all dictated by the discovery of the pictures since late last year once I got the new computer. So as I found a funny TV pic, I'd squirrel it away for this occasion. But the Smoke Monster interview, that was in development for years. Even before 'Lost' came around! Of course, when I first came up with the idea, I was going to use it for an interview with Jabba the Hut. The only thing that remains from the original idea - not that much was planned out before - was the idea that the Smoke Monster played Madame Arcati in "Blithe Spirit". (And I still think Jabba as Madame Arcati is a funnier visual.) I was also going to have the Smoke Monster playing Lady Bracknell, but figured that was pushing it......

In a way, once it was over, I kind of regretted that it's not possible to have such a conversation with the Smoke Monster.

But let's face it; that idea is silly.

The Smoke Monster is all the way out in Hawaii, after all......

Toby OB

And each of those posts had a tip-off that they weren't for real. My "last name" was Zero-B in each of them, not the usual "O-B".....

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