Thursday, March 13, 2008


I heard from John O'Creagh this afternoon. He's the friend who's playing Stephen Hopkins in the HBO production of 'John Adams', which begins this Sunday.....

JOHN: Thanks for the "John's Hopkins" mention.

TOBY: You're welcome! Made two people I know in two days I wrote about in TV productions playing historical characters. (the guy upstairs played Walt Whitman in 'New Amsterdam' Monday.)
(EDITOR'S NOTE: somewhere in that is a coherent sentence)
JOHN: Oh, great! We're all trying to keep busy, you know.
TOBY: I hope you got to wear your hat when it came time to sign, LOL! And it'd be a shame if you didn't get to utter that line. That's good stuff!
JOHN: We never got to the signing. I think they're saving that for the sequel, at which point I shall declare, "My hand trembles, my heart does not.! " See you soon.
TOBY: Take care!

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