Thursday, March 13, 2008


Don't worry, American viewers of 'Torchwood'.... This doesn't give away anything about the upcoming episode...

"In an exclusive private school, students sexually assaulted and mutilated their teachers, then savagely turned on one another... At a seaside resort, thousands of people joined in a monstrous act of self-destruction... In a lonely room, an old lady was shredded and eaten by her beloved pet cats... In the city, mass copulation and insane slaying spread. Time was running out for mankind..." (Synopsis & illustration taken from cover)

That's from the book flap of "The Fog", a horror novel by James Herbert.

And for some reason, the alien race known as the Arcturians have come through the Cardiff Rift and found that book to be good enough to be translated into their native tongue.

Oooooooh....... Maybe they saw it as a primer for eventual conquest of Earth......

A copy of the Arcturian translation can be found in the alien artifacts collection of reclusive billionaire Henry Parker, as seen in the 'Torchwood' episode "A Day In The Death".

Toby OB

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