Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Over forty years after the fact, Toobworld Central has a new planet to add to the firmament of the TV Universe - Soshunis.

Here's the TV Cream description of the show where it could be found:


A stranded alien in the outback going by the name of Adam Suisse gets befriended by headmasters' kids Bernie and Jean Walsh, and Peter. The alien's mate, Varossa, lives in the Blue Mountains, and takes the kids on a trip to their home planet, Soshunis. As so often in these things, the grown up world of government and media take against the aliens, but the kids, the headmaster and (eventually) the Aussie PM manage to bring peace.

Having never seen the show, and as I mentioned above, having only just learned about it, I don't know enough about Soshunis to make any theoretical link between 'The Stranger' and any other sci-fi series. For instance, is the native population naturally humanoid? Do they have any special powers that can be found in other alien races? Could the name Soshunis be translated into being a different planetary name on some other series?

If there are any visitors here from the Land Down Under who remember this show and know where I can access trivia about it, let me know!

You can find a link to TV Cream over to the left...

Toby OB
(Pictured above: Not exactly the kind of connection Toobworld is looking for between planets... but that would be cool to see!)

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