Monday, March 10, 2008


In the pilot of 'New Amsterdam', Detective John York went looking for the owner of Omar's Bar & Grill, perhaps the one person who knew his secret. John found him behind the bar, slumped on the floor after getting a beat-down from his bookie over his unpaid gambling debts.

As he helped the older man up, John wanted to know if it was poker or the Mets, and Omar grumbled that it was the Mets. (He may have said "Damn Mets" or "Lousy Mets", but since it was broadcast TV, we know what that adjective could NOT be!)

So even though the episode was aired in March of 2008, the episode was taking place just after September 30, 2007.

By September 12 of last year, the Mets had a seven game lead in the National League. But then they suffered what could be the worst collapse in baseball history by losing twelve of their last seventeen games - which knocked them out of the post-season.

By the 29th, they were tied with Philadelphia and were hoping to win the NL East the next day... or at least force a one-game playoff. But on the 30th, the Florida Marlins knocked Tom Glavine around for seven runs in the first inning while the Phillies enjoyed a 6-1 win over the Washington Nationals. And so it was the Phillies who were the Champs in the National League East instead of the supposedly pre-destined Mets.
No wonder Omar was pissed! He probably cursed the fact that he shared the same first name as the general manager of the team!

Toby OB

[Full disclosure: I'm a Red Sox fan living in NYC. So, nyeh heh heh.....]

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