Monday, January 7, 2008


Whether or not Brian Perry is still in office as a Senator in "Tele-Texas", we can probably be assured that he hasn't changed his ways, no matter who ended up having more influence over him in the long run - the Cadre at NASA, the Sentients of Earth, the Sentients of Mars, or the crew of the 'Odyssey 5'. He's probably still a womanizing, racist bully and creep.

We only got to see one season of 'Odyssey 5', but I'm sure Senator Perry was involved in more than just the Bright Sky Project. He probably had his corrupt, fat fingers in some pie that was connected to the case revolving around 'The 4400' in Seattle, even if it does seem out of his bailiwick.

And if so, he may have run into an illegitimate daughter while deaing with NTAC!
It's purely hypothetical, but I think NTAC Agent Diana Skouris of Seattle and Astronaut Angela Perry of Houston have a lot in common genetically, even more than just sharing a somewhat similar appearance. (I'm not talking identical cousins, here; just some similarities.) And I think it's all due to them both having Brian Perry as their father.

Of course, Angela is the daughter he's acknowledged and raised. But Diana may not even know who her biological father is and so has no clue that she shares a common DNA link with Angela.

Somewhere out there in the world of fanfic, there could be a story floating about in which the two characters from two different shows interacted. (What would happen if a Synthetic took the promycin shot? What about one of the Odyssey 5?)

And if not, here's a little suggestion as to what Diana and Angela might have to talk about during a coffee break......

Toby OB

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