Thursday, January 10, 2008


Toobworld alert!

Jimmy Kimmel and Jay Leno will be appearing on each other's shows tonight in a cross-network show of solidarity since both returned to the airwaves without their writers and without any deal with the WGA.

The 'Tonight' show is taped at the NBC studios in the late afternoon, but Kimmel's is done live on ABC. As David Bianculli recommends, any real fireworks from what they may say will probably happen on Kimmel's show.

I'm reserving judgement until I see what they do/say. However, should they attack the WGA in any way for being picketed or for not getting special waivers, or for whatever, then they'll be moving to the top of the candidates' list for the Toobit Award for Worst Crossover of 2008.
Yeah..... I'm sure that strikes fear in the hearts of both men!

Toby OB

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