Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Near the end of December, Roger Catlin of the Hartford Courant wrote in his "TV Eye" blog (link to the left) about the decision by Cox Cable to drop TCM from the basic line-up:

Seems Cox in Manchester dropped from its basic cable tier TCM – the excellently curated movie network that’s worthwhile if only because its also commercial-free. In its place was Court TV (which ceases to be Court TV starting tomorrow when its load of evening reality shows make it become TruTV).

Typical was an e-mail from Susan Barlow, who decried its dropping from her nearly $60 a month cable package (TCM was still available, Cox said, but only on a higher tier that would be an additional cost.

And it didn't just happen to Manchester, Ct. - they pulled the same stunt in Meriden.

Catlin suggested, as did one of his readers, that subscribers who were angry about this should contact their town's cable advisory panel and to continue haranguing Cox with demands that TCM be brought back.

I'm lucky - I'm in a Time-Warner Cable area, so I don't think they're about to pull a stunt like that... at least not with something they have an interest in. (Or did - not sure about their relationship with Ted Turner nowadays.)

But really - if you're under the sadistic thumb of Cox Cable, let them know you want TCM back on your basic tier.

Power to the People!

Toby OB

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