Sunday, January 6, 2008


(from 'Late Night with David Letterman')

With the WGA strike basically bringing an end to the shows I'm currently taping, I've turned to Netflix to bring me up to speed on series I've missed in the past. I've finished the single season of 'Odyssey 5' and am currently in the midst of the 'Cadfael' mysteries.

Others I have lined up:

'The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard' - forgot to record the last two eps.
'QBVII' - I only saw it that first time it aired and want to check it out again.
'The Adventures of Robin Hood' - Richard Greene version

And I'll be adding three HBO series about which I was negligent:
'The Wire'

I still have at least two posts regarding 'Odyssey 5' which I need to write up. One is a theory of "relateeveety" about a supposed half sister for Angela Perry, and the other is an overview of what may have happened in the missing years leading up to the event they were supposed to prevent.

And with only two episodes seen so far of 'Cadfael', already I have several ideas:

Was the Meddling Monk still stranded in England by 1138?
Could a guest character from 'Cadfael' have been reincarnated into 'Torchwood'?
What caused Hugh Barengar to become a recastaway several times over?

Yes. I have 'Doctor Who' on the mind.

Plus I need to write up my 'Extras'-dimensional post regarding the two different versions of the 'Extras' Christmas special.

So those greedy weazels of the AMPTP may be keeping me from seeing my regularly scheduled programming (And I only blame them!), but they won't cause Toobworld Central to close up shop!

Toby OB

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