Saturday, January 19, 2008


Great Britain lost one of its great ladies in Toobworld last night with the death of Vera Duckworth on 'Coronation Street'. As I don't watch the show myself over here in the States, here's the description from "Corrie Blog":

Double episode written by Peter Whalley and Lucy Gannon
Jack and Vera had had a nice trip to Blackpool to see their new home and measure for curtains. Jack gave Tyrone some money to put a bet on before they went. When they got home, Paul had left a present for them - a framed photo of them when they were young and carefree and afraid of nothing. Vera told Jack she'd never loved anyone except him, and he, in his gruff way and with a bit of prompting from Vee, said he'd never loved anyone except her, and he'd go and fetch her slippers. Then he went for a swift half at t'Rovers, like he'd done so often over the years.

But this time, when Jack got back Vera was dead. Apparently she'd passed away peacefully in her sleep, sitting in her chair. Jack held her hand, told her not to be afraid, gently sang to her, "If you were the only girl in the world."

Apparently, 12.5 million people tuned in to see the exit for Liz Dawn's character who had been on the show for 33 years. (Ms. Dawn is retiring due to a chronic lung disease.)

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