Friday, January 18, 2008


Finally caught the second episode of 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles' and I've come to one main conclusion.

That title has to be way shortened.

But when it comes to titles, I liked the choice of "Gnothi Seauton" for the second episode. Get down and dirty all you like, but it's nice to see some high-brow embellishments in my Sci-Fi now and again.

I like this series. A lot. And it looks like it helps that I never saw the third movie. Not that it would have mattered; with the help of Cameron, the new pixie-bot, Sarah and her son John were able to leap-frog over the events that led up to the third movie and create a new timeline.

And I think I also have no problem in usurping the first two movies and adding them into the Toobworld mix, a la the 'Star Trek' franchise. The differences between Edward Furlong and Thomas Dekker could be splained away with the excuse of SORAS (Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome); and the differences between Linda Hamilton and Lena Headey can be chalked up to plastic surgery in the past.

The only problem I can see in that casting is that Linda and Lena might get their monogrammed towels mixed up.

But best of all in the new series is the addition of Summer Glau as the Terminator model; as I described her above, a pixie-bot. I think we have the first serious candidate for a 2008 Toobit Award with this character.

I liked Ms. Glau in 'The 4400' and 'Serenity' (the order in which I saw those). Here, she reminded me of Winnie Cooper from 'The Wonder Years'.

A Winnie Cooper who can kick some serious ass.

The creators of the show did a good job aligning the timelines between the movies and the TV series with that quantum leap at the end of episode one. And they helped to expand the TV Universe with a couple of additions:

World Shopping Channel
Security/Trust of Los Angeles

And since we can't see Sonia Walger as Penny Widmore every week on 'Lost', I'm happy for the additional time spent with her here as Michelle Dixon, Charlie's wife.

Granted, this is a second season that's anemic due to the writers' strike, but I think it's safe to say that this series would have come busting out of the gate just as strongly if every other show was operating full steam.

Toby OB

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