Monday, January 14, 2008


There have been TV shows in the past, usually sitcoms, which have looked at the backstage world of soap operas - 'The New Dick Van Dyke Show' and 'All Is Forgiven' are two examples that come to mind. And along with the antics of the people making the soap operas, we also get to see scenes from the soaps as they're being taped.

Now UK TV has expanded on that premise with 'Moving Wallpaper'/'Echo Beach', in which we first see a show about the making of a soap opera, and then have that followed by the finished product - the entire episode of the soap opera that was supposedly taped during the previous show.

Rob Buckley of "The Medium Is Not Enough" (link to the left!) can splain it far better than I can. He has
a review of the show up in his blog now.....

There's no Zonk here for Toobworld, and no Solomonic dilemma. 'Moving Wallpaper' is the show that is set on Earth Prime-Time, and its characters are the real people of TV Land. 'Echo Beach' is a TV show that they watch (and create).

Whether the denizens of 'Echo Beach' share an alternate reality with 'Hi Honey, I'm Home' and the "Remote Control Man" episode of 'Amazing Stories', in that they can leave their fictional TV show to interact with the characters of Toobworld, is unknown at this point and will probably never be a factor.

The idea that TV could be an alternate reality...... really!

Toby OB

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