Friday, January 18, 2008


Looks like talking food is making a comeback in Toobworld.

Talking food used to be more prevalent in blipverts - that pastrami sandwich in the refrigerator that urged the guy to drink more orange juice instead of eating the sandwich, for example.

But then they seem to have faded away - for real world consideration, maybe it was because people didn't really want their food talking back to them. Arthur Dent certainly didn't want a conversation with the Dish of the Day in 'The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy.

But now they're back; striking up dialogues with unsuspecting passersby, organizing!

And the government wants to convince you that it's okay to eat cloned food. Why? That may be the only way to get rid of this digestible intelligence......

Back around the World Series, Applebee's introduced its new "Spokesapple" (who sounds a lot like Wanda Sykes).

Typical exchange of dialogue in these ads:
[Man is sitting on park bench. Apple is perched behind him.]
Apple: "That's how you carry on a friendship, baby? With your thumbs? Of course, it ain't my business."
Man: "Well, if it ain't your business, why are you all up in mine?"
Apple: "Cause you people need to get eyeball-to-eyeball over the flavors that bring people together."
[Man is now eating with friends at Applebee's.]
Man: "Can everyone hear you or is it just me?"
Apple: "Talk to your buddies."

What causes talking food? Damned if I know. I suspect alien intelligence; maybe something like "The Stuff", a movie by Larry Cohen starring Michael Moriarty. Who knows.
And now the items to be found on the dollar menu at McDonald's are holding board meetings and voting on membership! For a limited time only, the double cheeseburger is now on the dollar menu. (The only abstention was by the regular cheeseburger.)

You know what would have been really creepy? If the vote was by a show of hands....

Toby OB

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wanda girl said...

The voice of the apple is in fact Wanda Sykes.