Wednesday, January 16, 2008


The book that introduced Brother 'Cadfael' to the world was "A Morbid Taste For Bones" by Ellis Peters. In it, Cadfael's investigation into a murder becomes entwined with the historical events surrounding the translation of St. Winifred's remains from Gwytherin, Wales, to the Shrewsbury Abbey in Shropshire in 1136.

However, in Toobworld, the tale is the seventh in the series, which was already set in stone as having begun in 1138. Since Undersheriff Hugh Berengar does not appear in the story, it might be tempting to move it up in a personal chronology for the DVDs to before that of the episode "One Corpse Too Many".

There is a different casting drawback, however, to that plan. Brother Radulphus was already installed as the Abbot at Shrewsbury, and in the TV series that doesn't happen until the fourth episode, "Monk's Hood". If "A Morbid Taste For Bones" was placed at the beginning of the episode list, then Brother Herribert should have been the Abbot.

At the very least, "A Morbid Taste Of Bones" should be placed as the fifth episode in the 'Cadfael' chronology to give some breathing space before Eoin McCarthy takes over the role of Undersheriff Hugh Beringer (a subject that we will be addressing as soon as I make my way through the entire series.)

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