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"Last TV Show" was the first episode of the second season for 'The Bob Newhart Show'. In it, Dr. Hartley turned down an opportunity to conduct one of his group sessions live on Television, only to find out that his group wanted to do it.

Of course, once the red light of the cameras was on, they all clammed up and Bob was left to fend for himself during the next half hour........

"You don’t have to be polite. It was horrible.
It was probably the worst program ever on television."
"No it wasn’t!
The fourth episode of 'My Mother The Car'

If the characters in 'The Bob Newhart Show' watched the same show called 'My Mother The Car' as we do here in the real world, then Howard was making reference to "Lassie, I Mean Mother, Come Home".

Here's a description from TV.com:

When Dave neglects to set the parking break after parking on a hill, Mother rolls into an open van that is bound for Mexico.

But in Toobworld, 'The Bob Newhart Show' and 'My Mother The Car' share the same TV dimension, as unlikely as it is that there should ever be a crossover. (Dave Crabtree lived in California; otherwise, I think he would have made a very interesting patient for Dr. Hartley.... A guy who thinks his mother has been reincarnated as a car?)

The TV show found in Toobworld by the name of 'My Mother The Car' is not the same show we had in the real world. It could have been based on the life of Dave Crabtree and his deceased mother. A story like that would have made great fodder for a TV series - except for the one that was made here.

Or "Mother" could have been a code name for a car that was similar to KITT of 'Knight Rider' - a computerized vehicle that had artifical intelligence. Or it could have been a derogatory term used by the hero of the show to describe the wreck he had to drive, and the show would have been about the wacky misadventures he had each week as something else broke down. Of course, then the show really should have been called 'My Car, The Mother'. Hilarity would ensue.

Nothing says the televersion of 'My Mother The Car' had to have aired during the same time period as it did in the Trueniverse; only that it had to have occurred before September 15th, 1973 - the date "Last TV Show" aired for the first time.

Just so long as we never learned any more about the show or that particular episode from it, we aren't straddled with a Zonk. There's always a loophole to drive out.

Toby OB

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