Saturday, January 26, 2008


Make way for the Bikini Cops!For the American readers of "Inner Toob", here's a reminder that 'Torchwood' returns tonight for Season 2 on BBC-America at 9 pm EST.

Of course, we'll be getting the distilled version - edited for content to placate the stupid FCC (which just handed down a fine on 'NYPD Blue' for a scene that aired over five years ago!), and for time constraints so that it will fit into an hour slot with plenty of room for blipverts.

Still, having seen the episode already, I have to say that those who gave up on the show last season for the juvenile way they tried to be "adult" and cutting edge should come back and give it a second chance. This first episode, "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" should have you quoting the title of that Toobworld soap opera: "All Is Forgiven".

Toby OB

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