Wednesday, January 23, 2008


It will be the Toobworld contention that bounty hunter Crystal Hawkes, seen in her eponymous episode of 'The Adventures Of Brisco County, Jr.', is first cousin to Brady Hawkes, the legendary gambler of the Old West (as seen in several movies based on the Kenny Rogers song "The Gambler").

No surprise in the fact that neither one mentioned the other in the time spent with them on screen - how often do any of us mention our relatives in the course of our daily lives?

Toby OB


Mercurie said...

You know, either one of them could have been ancestors of Dr. Sheldon Hawkes on CSI:Miami and Jesse Hawkes of High Mountain Rangers (although he looked more like Jim West..)

Toby said...

And we know Jim West had a lot of kids (from one of the reunion movies), so there are plenty of TV families that can trace their lineage back to him!

Thanks for checking in, Mercurie!