Saturday, January 26, 2008


Lance Rothstein, the head writer for the telenovela 'Explosion Gigantesca de Romance', used to write for 'Blossom'. When Shawn Spencer started describing that show, what with his mention of chimpanzees in trucks, it was obvious to his partner Gus that he was talking about 'BJ And The Bear'.

Those two references in the 'Psych' episode "Lights, Cameras, Homicidio" could have been Zonks, but I think we can disable them.

'Blossom' doesn't have to be about the teenaged girl Blossom Russo. For all we know, it was a sci-fi series about a horticulturist gone mad, or some kind of plant-based super-hero - half-man, half-rutabaga.

As for 'BJ And The Bear', that was specifically described. But it still is part of the main Toobworld, and what happened was an enterprising writer - maybe even Lance Rothstein! - realized the TV series potential in the life story of Billy Joe McKay and his primate partner BJ.

Yes, we have no Zonks today!

Toby OB

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