Sunday, December 9, 2007


This is turning out to be a very fruitful year for Christmas commercial additions to Toobworld!

AT&T may not have realized it, but they provided a crossover with a holiday special, which crossed over itself from a different medium.

In their new blipvert for the "Go Phone", a gingerbread man and his son (voiced by Steve Buscemi and Norm MacDonald) bond over the new device. Meanwhile a human rips the roof off the house to expose Mrs. Gingerbread Man who's in the bath.

She's probably not long for this world.......

Of course, this follows along the same lines as "Shrek The Halls", in which one of the main characters is Gingy, the Gingerbread Man. (And Gingy has the best subplot flashback in the whole special!)

One sticking point - Shrek & Company exist in the Tooniverse. Although the Gingerbread people are animated in the AT&T ad, that human hand means that they are in Toobworld proper. However, we've seen Donkey and Shrek crossover, as have other Tooniversers in the past, into Blipverts.

And we can accept the wild notion of living Gingerbread people in Toobworld. It's been well-documented that food is alive in the TV Universe. Remember that sandwich in the refrigerator who urged its maker to opt for orange juice instead? Or how about the dancing and singing raisins in a bowl of Post Raisin Bran? Or the Big Fig Newton? The pickle who looked like Arte Johnson?

How these foods become alive, I have no idea. But having seen humanoid Whoppers, Pop Tarts, strawberries, scallions, as well as the above-mentioned raisins, pickle and Big Fig Newton, I have to wonder if some kind of genetic mix-n-match is going on in the labs......

As for the Gingerbread people, they're probably alive due to magic. After all, don't witches live in gingerbread houses.....?

If you haven't seen the AT&T blipvert yet, you can check it out at this
Steve Buscemi fan worship site.

Perhaps you think it strange that a grown man spends so much time analyzing a commercial about living gingerbread men. At least it keeps me off the streets, inconveniencing the passersby......

Toby OB

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