Thursday, December 13, 2007


Along with the new KITT, the cast of the latest incarnation of 'Knight Rider' was unveiled the other day:

Pictured: Deanna Russo (playing Mike Tracer's long lost love & daughter of KITT's creator), Justin Bruening (playing Mike Tracer, Michael Knight's son), Bruce Davison (playing KITT's creator) and Sydney Tamiia Poitier (Sydney's Poitier's daughter in real life).

For 'Knight Rider' fans and Toobworld purists (which has to be an oxymoron), seeing Bruce Davison listed as KITT's creator must be galling. But as it turns out, Davison is playing Charles Graiman, who invented the latest version of KITT. That keeps the legacy of Wilton Knight and the memory of Richard Basehart intact.

Will Arnett will be the new voice of KITT in this new vehicle. I can hear his voice from 'Arrested Development' and I wonder if he'll tweak it or use his regular speaking voice.

I'm not too keen on the idea of his casting. Not that I wanted William Daniels to come back, but I could buy into his voice as having been artificially created. We'll have to see how Arnett does as a disembodied voice.

Toby OB


MediumRob said...

They probably me the designer of KITT, rather than the creator - and WIlton Knight/Richard Basehart wasn't the designer, he was just the guy who put up the money and had the idea.

It's been a while since I watched the episodes though, but as far as I recall, you see KITT's original design team in the third season episode Junk Yard Dog, and it's an oldish guy with white hair who's the head designer. And I seem to recall that KIller KITT was the episode in which one of KITT's main CPU designers turns him evil.

Still, how does Knight Rider 2000 fit in with all of this, I wonder?

Toby said...

Really? Pooh. I need to read the entry in the Total Television book as well as in the Complete Directory again. It can be tough dealing with the whole forest rather than just one particular tree.

Was thinking about Knight Industries during the um, night at work - while reading Alan Moore/Kevin O'Neill's "Black Dossier". It's the latest volume in their League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series.

Mrs. Peel shows up in her younger days using her maiden name, Emma Knight. It's always been my contention that her father and Wilton Knight were brothers.

I think the connection can work...