Wednesday, December 12, 2007


The second season of 'Life On Mars' finally showed up on BBC-America last night, minus about fifteen minutes of material from each of the first two episodes aired. Because a major character in the second hour was excised from the first hour, it was easy enough to figure out where that story was heading. Had we seen this person in the season premiere as we were meant to, it may have led to second thoughts and doubts about what might happen.

At any rate, between the two episodes there were enough Zonks to go around, but I don't plan on dreaming up any splainins for them just yet. That's because we (at least those of us who've never seen these episodes before either in the UK or in bit torrents) don't know how this story will wind up.

Is Sam Tyler, a Manchester cop from 2006, actually trapped back in 1973 due to a car accident? Or is he lying in a coma in hospital - screw it with going with atmosphere! - Or is he lying in a coma in THE hospital? Or is he mad?

Until we know the answers to that, there's no reason to work up a sweat over why the following TV shows were mentioned within 'Life On Mars' when they should all be sharing the same TV Universe:

1] Annie Cartwright employed a technique to handle evidence which she learned from watching Richard Bradford in an episode of 'Man In A Suitcase'.

2] Gene Hunt called two guys (who looked quite similar to each other) "Bill and Ben". More than likely this was an allusion to 'The Flowerpot Men', puppets who were also identical to each other.

3] When Chris Skelton mentioned David Janssen as 'The Fugitive', Sam Tyler countered with Harrison Ford who appeared in the movie "The Fugitive".

Those are going to be toughies, so I have no problem with the idea of holding off for awhile before I have to go and splain them away!

Toby OB

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