Sunday, December 9, 2007


I think it's time to get on the phone again......

From the United Hollywood blog:

Has anyone noticed a pattern in the last couple weeks' worth of negotiations?Monday is energetic and everyone's buoyed by the residual anger from the way last week ended. Tuesday there's a sense that they're "really talking." But by Wednesday, there's a creeping sense that nothing good is actually happening.

And on Thursday, the companies do the AMPTP Mindf*ck™.

First, it was the New Economic Partnership. This week it's "we're going to take our marbles and go home. Which means you can't play because we own all the marbles."

The author of that piece wants to be known only as "Red Sox Fan". (Could his initials be SM?)

At Toobworld, it would be known as a "Mindbleep"....

By late Friday, the AMPTP packed it in and took off, claiming that the WGA was catering to special interests groups within the Guild. But as noted here earlier, the signs were there that they were going to bolt the talks, after they issued a list of impossible demands on the union.

So it's all broken down now and who knows when they may start up again. The AMPTP is probably hoping the bad weather in NYC will break the spirit of the WGAE and spur them to force the rest of the union to accept the AMPTP's terms.

Heartless bastids at the AMPTP! Give 'em a call at those numbers listed here, and let them know you support the WGA and that the AMPTP should take back their unreasonable demands!

Toby OB

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