Friday, November 16, 2007


Zonks can be like a virus. They can be successfully treated in one show, only to reappear in another series, stronger than before.

Such is the case with the "Rerun" Zonk. One week ago, 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' made a reference to the character of "Rerun" from 'What's Happening!'. This was easy to fix because the only thing that was mentioned was "Rerun". So I was able to deflect that pretty easily.

But now it's resurfaced, this time on '30 Rock' and it's more virulent. This time, Liz Lemon mentioned not only "Rerun", but the name of the show, 'What's Happening!'.
So that means I have to do a bit more of that same riff as established before. For some reason, the real life of "Rerun" Stubbs and his friends was thought to be interesting enough to have a TV series produced about it. And it could be that Fred "Rerun" Berry, who in Toobworld could have been a "Rerun" Stubbs impersonator, was hired to play the role.

And that would splain why Tracy Jordan was seen pre-credits on this week's episode of '30 Rock' dancing like "Rerun" from 'What's Happening!'.

By next week, if a "Rerun" Zonk pops up on 'Face The Nation', I'm packing it in!

Toby OB

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