Saturday, November 17, 2007


It's still early in the Christmas blipvert season, but I think right now my favorite has to be the new one from Zales. You know, with the guy who can't stop looking at the pendant necklace he got for his wife, and then she walks in behind him.

First off, it's because - like last year's ad, - it re-uses the piano intro from Vanessa Carlton's song "1000 Miles". I had never heard the song before last year's Zales blipvert and sought it out afterwards. I found it lived up to that instrumental intro. And I love the video as well, with her playing the piano as it crosses the country (especially when the owl joins her).

Okay, so bleep off; I like the song!

And then there's the fact that they went with a regular guy, kind of a schlub, to be the star of the commercial. It's almost like watching a new Mark Addy at work.

I'm sick of the ads out there starring the guy with the perfectly chiseled jawline always getting the girl with a smooth move. The Ralph Kramdens of the world can pull if off too, you know.

Kind of....

Anyway, that's the Christmas blipvert to beat this holiday season.

Toby OB

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