Thursday, November 15, 2007


After decades of "Britcoms" being adapted for the American TV market, there may be a reversal with a new version of 'Bewitched' being developed for Beeb viewers.

The man who created 'My Hero' and 'May To December', Paul Mendelson, has completed a pilot script, with hopes of working with the BBC on a full series. The rights to the original series are held by Sony and they apparently have agreed to the idea of the adaptation.

Hopefully the names will be changed, so that we can say that both series exist in the same TV dimension. And there'd be nothing Zonkish about the idea - each couple would have no impact on the other, being from different countries and from different decades.

The situation in which a witch would marry a mortal has probably played out several times over in Toobworld; we just never got the chance to see it happen but the one time.

And being the crossover dreamer that I am, maybe it would lead to an appearance by Thermoman...

Toby OB

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