Sunday, November 11, 2007


The Larry Craig scandal was a toe-tapping non-musical in which the Idaho Senator was arrested for soliciting a homosexual encounter in the men's room of the Minnesota airport. It was widely reported in TV news reports; it was the subject of countless late night monologue jokes; and it was probably satirized in a comedy sketch somewhere. Senator Craig even got a prime time special out of it - not that anybody actually watched it.

The historical events of Toobworld pretty much follow those of the real world, with some revision due to script demands. (For instance, the reversal of fortunes in the battle of Five Forks during the Civil War can be attributed to the hay fever of a soldier named Wilton Parmenter.) We can assume that what has occurred in the real world has also happened in Toobworld, but it's always nice to get confirmation.

Something of the sort has taken place with the Larry Craig scandal. On last Sunday's 'Brothers & Sisters', a political strategist named Isaac was brought in on a consult by Kitty Walker, communications director for Robert McCallister's presidential campaign. By the way she hemmed and hawed about why she called him, Isac wondered if McCallister had been caught tapping his foot for sex in a Minnesota airport bathroom.

Larry Craig's name was never mentioned, but it's o'bvious he was the inspiration for Isaac's assumption.

So even though Robert McCallister is the senator from tele-California instead of Dianne Feinstein, Toobworld resembles the real world enough so that Larry Craig is the senator from TV-Idaho.

Sorry, Idahoans.

Toby OB

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