Friday, September 21, 2007


In 1975, a double agent named Nelson Brenner, AKA "Curtis" (when he was impersonating Prisoner Number Six in a mysterious place called "The Village"), met with a spy code-named "Geronimo" at the Pike Amusement Park on the pier in Long Beach. Over fifteen years earlier, it was the scene of a staged accident - a car was dredged up from the waters off the pier containing the badly decomposed body of a man thought to be Peter Baker. (But it turned out to be that of Baker's friend, Harry Diamond.)

'Columbo' - "Identity Crisis"
'77 Sunset Strip' - "The Pasadena Caper"
'The Prisoner' - "The Schizoid Man"

Toby OB

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Anonymous said...

Wait a minute! I'm as big a fan of 'The Prisoner' as the next guy, and I know Number 12 dies at the end of "Schizoid Man". So how can you ahve him be Nelson Brenner from that 'Columbo' episode?