Sunday, September 16, 2007


My brother Bill reminded me of the current Jeep blipvert called "Heritage". Here's how AdWeek describes it: Jeeps "Forrest Gump" their way through iconic moments in history.

If you haven't seen the commercial, you can check it out

Since each of the images broadcast becomes part of Toobworld, some of them may need splainins to justify their existence in the TV Universe.......

Army Base - No splainin necessary

Elvis Presley - In Toobworld, the Jeep just happened to pass by in the background as he performed.

Bikini Girls - Again, it was just passing through, but why it didn't stop is unknown.

Godzilla - There's no Zonk in seeing researchers using a Jeep on Monster Island, because Gojiro already had a tele-version in a 1973 Japanese series called "Ryusei Ningen Zon". He also exists in the Tooniverse, thanks to the 'Godzilla Power Hour'.

Moon Landing - The government already had a secret base on the Moon by the time of the "official" moon landing in 1969 ('Space: 1999'). The first moon landing was in 1962 ('Eureka'), and CONTROL used the Moon to hold top secret meetings ('Get Smart').

Woodstock - Who says there wasn't a Jeep at Woodstock? Who could remember? Maybe it was driven by Frank Reynolds ('It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia') before he got locked in a camper's toilet while high on acid.
Roadrunner & Coyote - People in the Tooniverse need motor vehicles as well.....

Jane Goodall (?) - No reason why a Jeep wouldn't be used during her work with the great apes, even in Toobworld.

Devo - The band must have played "Whip It" in other outdoor venues than just the one we always see in the video. It would be at one of those concerts when the Jeep passed by.

The Fall of the Berlin Wall - This would be an historical deviation from the events which transpired in the Real World. (But for all I know, this footage could be real as well.)
'Tele-Tubbies' - I've always believed that the Tele-Tubbies are from some other world - even in the main Toobworld we don't have a baby living in the Sun. (I wonder if his name is Sol?) So, based on the size of the Jeep in comparison to Laa-Laa and Po, I'd say they either come from 'The Land Of The Giants' or some similar dimension. (But whenever they cross over to our world, they revert to "normal" size.)

Xtreme Skateboarder - We don't get to see this clip to its natural conclusion, when the Jeep would fail to clear the ledge. It probably crashed to the bottom of the half-pipe and hilarity would ensue... unless 'John From Cincinnatti' intervened. (Not that we're seeing Shaunie Yost in action.....)

'Lost' - This is the one of most concern for televisiology, but pretty easy to splain away. John Locke doesn't notice the Jeep passing by him in the background on the island, because it's not really there. What we're probably seeing is "Dave", Hurley's imaginary "friend". It's just a scene from Hurley's P.O.V. that we never got to see here in the Real World until now.

But there was a Real World tie-in to DaimlerChrysler, makers of Jeep, to be found online - if you got involved in the "Lost Experience". The Hanso Organization was allegedly using Jeeps to transport their illegally harvested organs. You can learn more at

Jeep's "Heritage" blipvert runs just over a minute, but it still held enough information... information... information which needed to be fitted properly into the Toobworld jigsaw puzzle.

Trivial? You bet! That's what we're all about!

Toby OB


Anonymous said...

You're missing a Toobworld opportunity with that opening Army Base scene. You should make the claim that it's Fort Baxter from Phil Silvers' 'Bilko' series.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the read.

Please help Melanie get into the Rock and roll hall of fame.