Monday, September 17, 2007


I'm in the NY Daily News today and this time it's NOT for an in-joke!

But it's still about TV.....

Toby OB


Anonymous said...

Thanks for expressing the views of so many. I for one, agree with you. Sure, I watch a few minutes of it, but it's depressing to spend the whole day in a funk. It's not exactly celebrating the moment, is it now? I drove with my headlights on and I even cried for a moment when I saw other cars doing the same thing we and silently acknowledged each other as we passed. It broke my heart. But I certainly didn't want to go home and tune in the TV and cry for the rest of the day. The folks who lost someone have to remember, they are not he only ones affected by 9-11. So was the rest of the world. And we should all be able to celebrate/grieve/remember in whichever way we choose. But the decision doesn't lie with them or the rest of us. It lies with the networks.

Anonymous said...

Allow me to start your hate mail...

You heartless bastard.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you! - Percrim

Joe B. said...

Hi Toby and All:

(I may even get hate mail!)

Not hate mail, really. Just an alternative point of view.

One distinction between the importance/relevance of the annual 9/11 services and memorial services relating to the Pearl Harbor attack is, last time I checked, we're not still at war with the Japanese. Like it or not, admit it or not, we're still at war with the murderous thugs who executed over 3,000 innocent US civilians just six years ago. Until we eliminate that threat, we not only should but, we must do whatever it takes to keep our collective eye on the prize. If that means taking a few hours out of "our regularly scheduled programming," once a year to remind ourselves of who our enemy is, what they're capable of and what's at stake, I don't think all that much to ask.

Let the games begin!

Joe B.