Friday, August 17, 2007


During this week's episode of 'Eureka', we learned that Sheriff's Deputy Josephina Lupo came from a family in which she had a lot of brothers. The dream that she generated, very Zorro-esque with Fargo as her masked man(!), was all in captioned Spanish, which could mean that she may have had an Hispanic background.

None of this negates my theory earlier this week that she is the sister of MJ Bowers from an episode of 'Dead Like Me'. First off, we don't know how many siblings were in that branch of the Bowers family; at the family reunion we only "met" him. And as for the Hispanic heritage, that would still work even with a last name of Bowers - their mother might have been Hispanic.

And it's not like you could tell if MJ Bowers also showed any Latino flavor, certainly not after getting his face rearranged by that canoe!

But it could also mean she was adopted, or a half-sister.

So for the time being, my theory that we can link 'Dead Like Me' to 'Eureka' through Jo's family tree is staying put.

And I think it's also high time that Erica Cerra was bumped up to series regular in the opening credits!

Toby OB

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