Thursday, August 16, 2007


Just putting this out there.....

My top six favorite sitcoms currently in (various stages of) production are:

'30 Rock'
'How I Met Your Mother'
'My Boys'
'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia'
'Two And A Half Men'

With the round-up of the usual suspects afterwards for those who need a Top Ten: 'My Name Is Earl', 'The Office', 'The Simpsons', and 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'.

If you didn't see your favorite on here, the ship's probably already sailed on that one making me smile...... (I'm talking 'bout you, 'Scrubs'!)

I know there are a lot of fans and great critical acclaim for 'Flight Of The Conchords'. But even though I tape it, I find myself on Monday mornings hitting the fast forward button to get on to 'The 4400'. I realize and accept that it's me and not the show, but I just can't get into what I've seen before hitting the button.

And there are two shows that might be considered dramas, but which I find to be immensely funny as well: 'Psych' and 'Burn Notice'.

Just sayin', is all......

(Written up after watching yet another highly entertaining episode of 'My Boys'. Man, if ever there was a show in which I'd want to be a character....!)

Toby OB

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