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Erica Cerra is into her second season as Deputy Jo Lupo on the TV show 'Eureka'. (Although in the actual town of Eureka, she had been the deputy for several years before we got a chance to visit/view.

According to Wikipedia, women are not allowed into the special operations regiment known as the US Army Rangers. They're not even allowed to attend the Ranger school. And yet supposedly, Jo Lupo is a former US Army Ranger with a detailed skill with weaponry.

Actress Erica Cerra has stated in an interview that her character would be "coming out of the closet" during the second season. Normally, this would mean that she would be revealing herself as a lesbian in any other show. But could it be that she has some other deep secret to hide?

Perhaps she used to be a man until she had a sex-change operation after leaving the Rangers. And considering the fact that she was in Eureka, it could be that it was part of some science experiment gone awry.

However, I'd like to think that scenario is just a weird speculation pozz'bility. I believe Jo has always been a woman.... She just hasn't always been Jo Lupo.

Although Jo is now single, I think her last name of "Lupo" is the only remnant left of a previous marriage. She's 27/28 years of age at present, so she must have married quite young. Whether she divorced or was widowed, she is no longer attached to this previous husband which left her free to date both Jim Taggart, the much older big game hunter/scientist and the robot Callister Raynes. (Not that a legality like marriage would stop her from cheating, but I just don't see it in her character.)

It's my contention that her maiden name was "Bowers", and that she grew up not far from Eureka - in the Seattle region, as a matter of fact. If so, we caught a brief glimpse of her near the end of an episode of 'Dead Like Me' ("Reaping Havoc").

Rube's team of Reapers were on the search for an "MJ Bowers" at a family reunion, but unfortunately they weren't in time to pop his soul before he was killed by a hurtling canoe. Before he moved on to the next stage of his existence, he demanded that the Reapers somehow get in touch with his sister, to let her know that he was okay. Rube did this, leaving her a post-it note to which he forged the initials of Jesus Christ.

And that's when we got to see Erica Cerra as M.J. Bowers' sister.

This revelation that Jo will be coming out of the closet this season may throw a spanner in the works for this theory, but until that happens I'll continue to think of her as Jo Bowers Lupo.

There's always a pozz'bility that she can also be seen in the pilot episode of 'Huff' as a waitress, or in the "Date Night" episode of 'Black Sash' as a driver, or maybe even as a pretty girl visiting Chicago in an episode of 'Special Unit 2' ("The Rocks"). (That first example from 'Huff' might be splained away as Jo working undercover on a case that had nothing to do with the events of 'Huff'.)

But I'd have to conduct a "Feasability Study" by watching those episodes to make sure the premise worked....

Toby OB

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