Friday, August 24, 2007


While giving a tour of 'Eureka' to his grandfather (who had been cryogenically frozen for the last fifty years in the episode "Family Reunion"), Douglas Fargo mentioned that men had been on the Moon since 1962, but only "officially" since 1969.

This is a terrific trivia tidbit for Toobworld! Having a human presence on the Moon since 1962 means we've got a splainin for those episodes of early sci-fi anthology TV shows, like 'Science Fiction Theater', 'Tales of Tomorrow' and 'One Step Beyond', in which men are on the Moon and yet the fashions of the times are locked in the past.

It also locks in something of a connection to 'Get Smart', which once had a throwaway opening gag in which the CONTROL agents met on the lunar surface to discuss their latest cases.

And that gives Mankind a jump in getting a lunar colony established on the Moon, one that would be long in place by the time of the nuclear waste dump explosion in 1999. (For those who don't know, Toobworld Central long ago neutralized the Zonk of 'Space: 1999' by splainin everything seen on the TV show after the explosion as being fever dreams experienced by Commander Koenig. He survived, but was left in a coma.)

The very existence (lots of "ex" words lately....) of 'Eureka' quickly became an important component in the makeup of Toobworld; this latest example (hmmm) proves it.

Toby OB

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What is that machine? Some kind of live action Wayback Machine?